Step one:

Vincent Kreidi kindly asks you to fill out the contact form with information about who you are. If possible, he will respond with an invitation to a personal consultation at the head office in central Stockholm. 

During the meeting, Vincent Kreidi will inquire about your wishes and desires in order to create a unique piece of jewelry that is tailor-made to your specifications. 

The price varies according to the details and materials selected. These are all decisions you as a customer will have the opportunity to take part in. Once Vincent has designed and drawn the sketch of your piece, you will have the chance to assess it yourself. 

When the design is agreed upon, Vincent Kreidi will begin crafting the item of your dreams. 


Step two:

Your unique piece of jewellery is custom made in Vincent´s head office in Stockholm. The duration of the process varies depending of the specifications of your item. As a customer you are invited to take part in the process in a very personal way. You are invited to oversee all the steps, from the design and sketching tot the crafting and finishing.  


Step three:

Your unique piece of jewelry is delivered to wherever you wish.

No matter where you are located,

Vincent Kreidi will personally

make sure to deliver your item.