About Our Studio

Vincent Kreidi is the chief designer, CEO, creator and supervisor of each step of the process of the jewelry creation. To Vincent, everything from the design and manufacturing, to the distribution and customer service must be perfectly managed, which is why he chooses to handle all of this by himself. 

The vision for Vincent Kreidi is, and always will be, to give each client an exclusive, timeless and memorable treat. As a customer you are kindly invited to his head office in Stockholm for a personal consultation, and the opportunity to take part in every step of the process. 

Prices vary according to the design and specifications chosen. There are numerous options based upon each client´s individual wishes. The possibilities are timeless and anything can be created, whether it be your dream wedding rings, perfect earrings, bracelet, brooch, wristlet, necklace, crown or tiara.


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Posted - Stockholm - Sweeden 2019